Customized centrifuge equipment

High-G Tubular bowl super centrifuge for pharmaceutical & bio-technology applications

The main feature is this centrifuge is the high yield to avoid loss of valuable products.

The centrifuge, also known as "SHARPLES Super Centrifuge", is based on the technology acquired from SHARPLES.

This high performance centrifuge is designed and fabricated in accordance with the requirements of pharmaceutical equipment standards.  The rotating bowl is a well-balanced sealed assembly made from special high strength stainless steel, which allows no leakage and ensures that there are no compromises in achieving purity of the end product.


Vibroscreens are used either for wet solid-liquid separation or for dry solids classification

The Vibroscreen is a circular unitised gyratory screen. It is the largest of its type available today, with three-component multi-plane mechanical vibration. It handles wet & dry screening of particles ranging from 10mm down to 400 mesh in size. It gives very high capacity per sq.ft of screening area & consumes minimum energy. The motivation is through a motor with a double extended shaft, fitted at both ends with eccentric weights.

  • Dry Separation: this involves separation of different materials on the basis of their particle shape.
  • Dry Classification: this involves separation of solid particles into precise sized fractions.
  • Solid-Liquid-Separation: this involves dewatering of solids and clarification of liquids.
  • Solids Classification: this involves separation of solid-particles into sized fractions in a liquid medium.

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