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  Pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and cosmetics:

- Reactors, plug flow reactors and mixers for the manufacturing of pharmaceutical products and cosmetic

  products (toothpastes, creams, suppositories, ointments, etc.)

- Centrifuges with high yield to avoid the loss of valuable product

- Micronisers and complete lines of micronization

- Insulators and containment systems for hazardous product handling and sterile applications

- Mixing and solids handling

- Drying, granulation, pellet coating and hot melt encapsulation

- Tablet coating

- Coating of probiotics and vitamines

- Shake sieves for separation and particle fractination

  Chemical and petrochemical industry:

- Continuous reactors, hydrogenation, heat transfer

- In-line mixing of additives, pH control

- Solid-liquid separation by centrifugation

- Loading and unloading of solids

- Mixing and solids handling

  Fine Chemicals:

- Chemical reactors including hydrogenation, crystallization, and continuous reactors of the new generation

- Centrifuges cGMP

- Loading of solids in reactors

- Micronization

- Management of solid powders and granules, emtying, dosing and filling of standard products

- Secure loading of solids in reactors

- Containment performance to minimize operator exposure and process contamination


- Continuous processing of ingredients, mixing and reaction.

- Tempering chocolate

- Heat exchangers for viscous products

- Solids handling and containment

- Coating of solid particles

  Oil and gas:

- Mixers for desalting, SUPERCLAUS units, NOx reduction.

- Crude oil

- Blending of gasoline, diesel, lubricants

- Desuperheating of gas

- Crude oil sampling (ISO3171 code)

  Energy, water and environment:

- Biodiesel: Transesterification reactors, hydrolysis, mixing and dispersing, in-line addition of additives

- Bioethanol: Mixers for fermentation, hydrolysis, biomass mixing, adding enzymes, etc ...

- In-line addition of additives

- In-line mixing of CO2, ozone, flocculant and additives

- Desalination of seawater

- DENOX in incinerators and refineries

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