TiltingTM PFD


TiltingTM Pressure Filter Dryer

For over half a century Omca has been setting standards at the forefront of pharma equipment technology. Established in 1960 by Mr. Ongaro near Bergamo in the north of Italy, it has made of quality and innovation its corporate mission.

Omca's solutions are used in the pharmaceutical, chemical, biotechnology industries with vessels ranging from 5 to 200.000 litres. In addition to the very demanding cGMP and FDA standards that are required in process equipment OMCA has focused its efforts on safety, reduction of interfaces, optimized solutions for process requirements, reduction of machine downtime and improved ergonomics.

Omca can offer customers a very wide selection of different machines (reactors, heat exchangers, dryers, flakers, mixers, up to standard pressure filter dryers) for the pharmaceutical, chemical, biochemical, cosmetics and food industry, but Omca has specially come to the attention of the industry thanks to their flagship machine, which is the innovative "TILTING" Pressure filter dryer. It represents the cutting edge of the filter drying technology available on the market.

All the demanding requirements of sterile processes have been met by the innovative and revolutionary OMCA’S TILTING PFD machine, which stands at the cutting edge of pressure filter drying technology. This equipment has been designed and manufactured for all processes that require the highest levels of cleanliness targets and has been especially developed to eliminate as much as possible product handling by the operators. It allows for crystal production in a closed environment thus reducing contamination risks. It is especially suitable for Sterile processes.

This filter dryer system represents a combination of technologies that allows for the same machine to fulfill the following process steps:

  • Sanitation / Sterilization SIP
  • Cleaning CIP
  • Inerting
  • Feeding / Filtration
  • Drying
  • Product discharge via plug valve

It is a revolving machine, which has been specially developed by OMCA to achieve the required performances and to solve successfully most of the intrinsic problems of traditional pressure filter dryers. This machine satisfies and exceeds the most rigorous current standards and regulations. It is future ready.

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